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Provincial Superior

Rev. Dr. Jose Thomas Koyickal SDB

‘What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul’, thus goes the saying. A good education is necessary for human beings to develop their potentials and live their life to the full. Daniel Webster offers an insightful analysis of what true education implies as well as its lasting impact: “If we work on marble, it will perish; if we work on brass, time will efface it; if we rear temples, they will crumble into dust; But if we work on immortal souls, if we imbue them with principles, with fear of the Creator and love for fellow human beings, we engrave on those tablets something which will brighten all eternity”.

Don Bosco College, Kottiyam has become a model centre for higher education within its few years of existence, making it a much sought-after centre by students. It is part of the world-renowned Society of Don Bosco, spread over 134 countries founded by St. John Bosco, acclaimed as one of the best educators of all times. For Don Bosco ‘the heart of education is the education of the heart, mind and soul’, forming an individual into what God wants him to be. While equipping the young person for a dignified life through earning a good job, Don Bosco Educational Institutions ensures that she/he is formed into a person of integrity, doing outstanding service to the society at large.

A student-centred campus, along with high academic excellence, promotes enjoyable fun, entertainment, sports and games, etc. We welcome students with a warm heart and assure them excellent training and formation into employable professionals and enlightened minds.